We defend our clients' rights and interests when they face court or regulatory action, especially when their commercial lives are at stake.

We defend clients in criminal prosecutions, including allegations of environmental damage, income tax evasion, securities fraud, work site accidents, and search warrant executions.

We protect clients from unfounded regulatory action in a range of industries such as IIROC, MFDA, BCSC, and Exchange registrants and issuers, real estate and mortgage professionals, accountants, lawyers, and health professionals.

Whether we work in commercial arbitrations, major class actions, or Supreme Court actions, we have successfully prosecuted major business disputes involving shareholder disputes, claims involving directors, proxy fights, shareholder dissents, major collections and debt recovery, injunctions and claims for and against government.

We want to be Canada’s most efficient litigation firm.  To get there, we embrace cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing processes: artificial intelligence, probabilistic forecasting, lean manufacturing, Agile, and web-enabled customer experiences.  We relentlessly work to meet or beat our turnaround targets, honour our fixed prices, and express clear probabilities and forecasts when clients ask us “what are our chances?”


Our list of accomplishments include:

  • Kept a business owner out of jail in a tax evasion prosecution
  • Mitigated a $1,000,000 securities fraud prosecution into a minor dispute
  • Froze assets of a former employee who executed an internal fraud
  • Prevented a regulator from taking action against a real estate professional based on unfounded, but highly publicized, allegations
  • Defended a mortgage broker from allegations of fraud - quietly, before formal action
  • Protected a business, its founder, and employees from claims of breach of a non-competition clause
  • Protected the interests of a founding shareholder in an ownership dispute over a publicly-traded pharmaceutical company
  • Defended an individual in a complex multi-jurisdiction action on a financial guarantee
  • Defended a director against Mainland Chinese interests in a debt and corporate dispute for the control of a publicly-traded para-pharmaceutical company, involving a complex conflict of laws issues and the application of Chinese law
  • Helped to defend a former municipal council member defend against allegations of breaches of fiduciary duty and misuse of public office
  • Successfully sued an industry organization in an inter-provincial defamation action, as well as defended a judgment in a subsequent appeal
  • Defended a commercial real estate developer and manager against allegations of negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation, and conspiracy
  • Sued a director for stealing from his company and taking corporate opportunities and business from the company
  • Defended a national retailer in the B.C. proceedings of a multi-provincial dispute involving the carriage of goods
  • Sued a shipbuilder over the failure to complete a commercial fishing vessel and the loss of profits from missed fishing season
  • Helped to protect a lumber company from a multi-million dollar claim over logging equipment and lost business
  • Helped to defend a pulp and paper company in a multi-million dollar claim over log transport contracts
  • Helped to defend a heli-logging company in a significant logging claim involving a First Nations band
Jim deCarle, President, GO WIRELESS INC, Vancouver, BC

A debtor owed us a substantial sum of money (a six-figure sum). We found out this person was about to liquidate their main asset without telling us, leaving us no realistic chance to ever get our money back. Ascendion Law worked around the clock to freeze the sale and eventually negotiated a quick settlement where we recovered all of the money owed to us. Ascendion was responsive, stayed on budget, and was highly effective."

Deborah Irvine, Vice-President, Community Impact and Investment, United Way of the Lower Mainland

“Chilwin Cheng is a critical thinker, with strong analytical abilities. He is not afraid to ask the tough questions – but at the same time – is a positive partner, whose active encouragement and support keep the end goal in mind. We were pleased to have Chilwin work with us to close some gaps in our planning and investing process. As a result, we gained a new awareness of how we could link and leverage our work for positive social change.”

Mike Stewart, Mike Stewart Personal Real Estate Corporation, Vancouver, BC

"My regulator threatened disciplinary action against me for an innovative step I took to advance my clients' business interests.  Chilwin, and the Ascendion Law team, set them straight - quickly, efficiently, and effectively.  The regulator concluded their investigation without taking any action against me and the threat went away without disrupting my business and with no press. If you're a financial or real estate industry professional and your regulator is threatening you, you need Chilwin..”