Litigator. Speaker. Leader.

Chilwin Cheng is an innovative pioneer in the legal industry and uses his extensive knowledge of the law, business, and regulatory areas to address solicitors' interests and concerns. He is a mentor and educator, personally invested in his area of practice with a fundamental interest in supporting solicitors and their clients.

Chilwin is a thought leader in law practice innovation and one of the first in the legal industry to use a quantitative approach to litigation assessment and management. He speaks in front of many audiences, both large and small, from in-company seminars for solicitors to international conferences.

"Everyone was engaged by Chilwin’s presentation and impressed by his grasp of a complex subject"

Key topics

Confident and thoughtful in his delivery, Chilwin engages and educates on a range of topics, including:

  • What to advise your client when the regulators come knocking on your door.
  • The latest appeal decisions impacting business practice.
  • Using quantitative approaches to forecast the likelihood of enforcing restrictive covenants.
  • Minimize criminal exposure by organizing your operations and productive team when regulators make that surprise visit.
  • Using statistical forecasting techniques to help insurers and litigation financiers make better capital and reserve allocation decisions.
  • How to use the court's rectification powers to solve unsolvable corporate mistakes.

Note that CPD credits are available for some presentations. Please contact us for more details.

Complying with a Regulator

The Data-Driven Practice

Recent Events

Chilwin is a skillful business litigator with deep experience in corporate and commercial litigation as well as criminal regulatory defense. He is a leader in his field, having been Chief Counsel of the regulator of Canada’s public equities markets and trading systems, a prosecutor with the BC Securities Commission, and a former Crown Counsel. Chilwin actively presents at conferences and client seminars on how to use decision trees, Monte Carlo simulations, scenario planning, regression, and descriptive statistics to budget more accurately and forecast outcomes with greater confidence.

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