Graeme Hooper


Graeme is a problem solver first, litigator second. He works with clients to identify issues and corresponding solutions, with a passion for advising clients on how to reach the best outcome on any given matter. Graeme has particular interest and experience in administrative law, constitutional law, and appeals.

Graeme has extensive experience in regulatory law, having worked within government both before and after becoming a lawyer. He now advises clients on all matters of regulatory compliance, particularly regarding Occupational Health and Safety compliance and appeals. He has represented clients on regulatory matters in both administrative matters before tribunals and criminal proceedings in the courts.

Graeme also has expertise in constitutional matters, including in disputes of jurisdiction between the federal and provincial government, and in raising and arguing matters under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Graeme is an expert in appeals, having clerked for both the current and former Chief Justices of British Columbia at the British Columbia Court of Appeal. He has appeared before the Court, including in rare five-justice sittings of the Court. He has also successfully worked to dismiss appeals preemptively.

Representative appellate cases include:

  • Vancouver Coastal Health Authority v. Moscipan, 2019 BCCA 17: Acting as lead counsel for the Appellant, successfully reduced an order in knowing receipt by over $100,000, and obtained confirmation that the a beneficial owner’s interest in an asset is protected from a declaration under the Fraudulent Conveyance Act.
  • J.P. v. British Columbia (Children and Family Development), 2018 BCCA 325: Acting as counsel for a Respondent on the costs issues only, successfully opposed an order for special costs.
  • Hansra v. Hansra, 2017 BCCA 199: acting for the appellant, successfully overturned a reduction in special costs, and dismissed a cross-appeal.
  • M. M. v. T.B., 2017 BCCA 296: acting for the respondent, successfully dismissed an appeal on an adoption order, appearing as co-counsel before five justices of the Court of Appeal. Successfully opposed leave to Supreme Court of Canada.
  • Morbank Financial Inc. v. 0476779, 2014 BCCA 265: acting for the respondent, successfully obtained over $250,000 in security for costs against an appellant. Subsequently had the appeal dismissed when the appellant failed to comply with the order.

Graeme obtained his law degree from the University of British Columbia in 2012, and was called to the bar in British Columbia in 2014. Graeme also has a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree in Political Science from UBC.