Public Service Update

Ascendion Law has updated its office visitor guidelines based on the current public health recommendations. We ask that you not enter our workplace if:

  1. you have any symptoms of illness (i.e. fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, etc.);
  2. have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days; or
  3. are a close contact of a person who tested positive for COVID-19.

For your health and safety, all visitors are required to wash or sanitize their hands upon entry, wear a mask, and maintain physical distancing of 2 metres.

For the protection of our clients and team members, we are continuing to schedule most of our client meetings virtually. If you are not fully vaccinated, we ask that you limit office visits to essential business (such as signing documents).  We may ask you for proof of vaccination in advance of any in-person meetings.

Our office building is open from 9AM to 4PM, Monday to Friday, outside of which key-card access is required. Please contact our Administrative Assistant or the lawyer responsible for your file if you need to send physical documents or meet with us in person.

Please continue to send us electronic documents only, whenever possible.

If serving documents in our office on behalf of a litigant, we accept electronic service, and formal deliveries to our Address for Delivery, at

Ascendion Law’s technology platform has always allowed our team members to work wherever and whenever is most effective to serve our clients. We will continue to meet deadlines with minimal interruptions. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of service to our clients as we face these challenges together. Please reach out to us any time.